WxAgrios™ for agriculture incorporates sophisticated solutions for prescriptive management. Agriculture at farm level is increasingly demanding requiring long-term planning as well as minute-by-minute decision making on directing and re-directing assets, applying inputs, assigning jobs, and assessing performance. WxAgrios™ delivers precision agriculture.

On-field real-time* weather and soil conditions delivers on-farm prescriptive management over the tradition weather information derived from a station located 50 miles or more from a field or operation or a grid-based, regional forecast.

Monitoring weather and soil conditions drives the prescriptive management of row and field crops which are sensitive to irrigation and soil temperatures for proper development, yields and quality characteristics. Applying WxAgrios™ lowers input costs and increases profits in key operational areas.

  • Planting
  • Spraying
  • Harvesting
  • Storage
  • Shipping


WxAgrios™ offers a suite of proprietary Current Condition Agronomic Models incorporate localized, real-time, current weather observations and deliver field-level results. Drive your precision agriculture decision-making on results specific to your field or weather station. Select nine agronomic models for each growing season:

  • GDD Spring Wheat
  • GDD Canola
  • GDD Spring Barley
  • GDD Corn (Canada)
  • GDD Forages
  • GDD Potatoes
  • Fusarium
  • Wheat Midge
  • Late Blight of Potatoes
  • GDD Corn (USA) - 2017
  • GDD Soybeans - 2017
  • Sclerotinia - 2017
  • Drying Index - 2017
  • Irrigation Scheduling - 2017
  • GDD Grape – 2017
  • Powdery Mildew (Grape) - 2017
  • Delta-T - 2017

Soil Moisture & Temperature

WxAgrios™ features soil temperature and moisture observations along with weather observations and incorporates these sensor and station locations with enhanced radar for enriched mapping visualization. WxAgrios™ produces additional calculations that facilitate prescription management.

If you currently do not have a weather or soil moisture and temperature station, please contact WxAgrios™ in order to have one installed.

John Deere Operations Center & Field Connect Integration

WxAgrios™ integrates the John Deere Operations Center and John Deere Field Connect through John Deere’s API services. After subscribing, growers authenticate so that field and crop information populates throughout WxAgrios™. Growers with a weather station along with soil sensors and probes data also populate throughout WxAgrios™.