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WxAgrios™ is a high-performance meteorology solution that interacts with qualified weather stations, soil micro-stations or sensors, and hydrology stations. WxAgrios™ integrates accurate, real-time*, site-specific current condition and forecast weather information into industry specific applications.

Key Features:

  • Real-time* Current Conditions
  • Site-specific Hourly Forecasts
  • Customizable WxAlerts™
  • Enhanced Radar
  • Mapping & Visualization Analysis
  • Quality-Assured Historical Data
  • Geo-referenced Public Service Advisories
  • Market Information

*Weather observation update time steps depending on the type of weather station with some offering "real-time" updates

WxAgrios™ Features

Current Weather Conditions

Current weather observations are collected in real-time, recorded, and quality assurance measures are applied to the data. Site-specific stations and sensors provide exact observations for a specific localized understanding of the environment.

Real-time delivery is dependent on the nature of the station and  sensors connected to WxAgrios™. Weather, hydrology and soil sensors collect and update observations in different time-steps from 2.5 second collection with a 10-15 minute updates to collections every 15 minutes with 1-2 hour updates. Check the type of station and sensor to determine how frequently observations will update for you.

Site-specific Hourly Forecasts

WxAgrios™ delivers precision hourly forecasting – the most accurate and relevant forecasting available. WxAgrios™ forecasts are automatically generated for the specific location of a weather station, not grid-based or field-centric like many alternative solutions, when you subscribe. Precision forecasts can also be generated for any soil moisture and temperature station or sensors. WxAgrios™ delivers hourly forecasts that update every hour for a total 144 hours of continuous forecasting!


Customize an alert for your weather station or soil sensors based on parameters that suit your needs. WxAlert™ is delivered by email and by SMS text.

WxAgrios™ powerful WxAlert™ system allows you to make timely decisions.

When wind speed above a certain threshold is a concern, or there are overnight conditions that have the potential for damaging frost, you are informed to plan your day or redirect resources and reduce operational costs.

Enhanced Radar & Mapping

Utilize the enhanced radar as one of many mapping layers over the most accurate spatial mapping visualization, along with your stations and sensors, field boundaries and location information.

Through the WxAgrios™ platform, you can analyze incoming weather across your property and assets.

Quality-assured Historical Data

WxAgrios™ collects weather and soil observations, applies quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) measures, then monitors and maintains the data with its proprietary system to ensure the data is high-quality for long-term historical analysis and future planning purposes.

You can be assured you will have long-term, high-quality data that drives the accuracy of the industry-specific tools and applications you have subscribed to through WxAgrios™.

Data for the sake of data can be detrimental to your business. High-quality data ensures your decision-making is accurate.

Geo-Referenced Public Service Advisories

WxAgrios™ geo-references the Public Service Advisories delivered by your government so that you receive critical and severe watches and warnings relevant to where you work and live. Severe and critical advisories delivered by local and national governments ensure the safety of your family, employees and contractors, resources and assets. WxAgrios™ delivers advisories that matter to you. Stay Safe – Be Prepared!

Market Information

View current market information for commodities and financial products within the WxAgrios™ platform. When a change in your weather occurs, consider how your business should respond with a view on the markets.